Buying Experiences and Giving

I admit that I'm biased as a minimalist, but it's hard to deny the hard data - experience has shown to make us happier than possessions. Related research from Cornell said, "Consumers spend more time thinking about purchasing material they do not choose than they spend when they buy experiences."

Seem to experience free from the mindset that comparisons can purchase goods acids. A year later, your phone is outdated, but your trip to Rome did not - but rather age like wine in your mind. I went to Rome in May and $ 800 stolen my Galaxy Note II. I do not miss my phone at all, but will remember the trip forever.

When it comes to spending money, the experience is almost always higher than the value of assets. As I have said before:

"It has a" pay once and use over the years "appeal the value of this experience once I get But it's natural value trap - .. As we say in the investment world - because it is not accurate when used to measure value. If I lick a rock for 40 years, you would not call precious stones, right? "

Important lesson: Assets tend to make us happy initially and then fade off much, but the happiness gained from the experience can last a lifetime. If you want to be happier in the long run, consider buying tickets to a concert or a plane instead of a TV or a new phone.

Volunteers, pay for the person behind you at Wendy, cook food surprise for someone, or give someone a gift beyond Christmas or their birthday.

We are very strong in our ability to make the others with little effort on our part. And one study showed that giving is innate in human happiness. The study found that infants before the age of two years' exhibits greater happiness when giving treats to others than receiving treats themselves. "

Giving to others makes us happy since birth, it seems.

Another study by Harvard scholars found that happiness can be bought, as long as you spend money on others.

What else can be said? Giving makes you happy!

Important lesson: Instinct tells us that it is better to receive, but to give true happiness brings results. If you really want to maximize your happiness, then find a way to give to others. You will not regret it.
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